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    I have been having trouble using HDHomeRun Connect (consumer grade) in my network. HD Home Run is a HD Tuner that allows you to watch antenna tv on your lan.

    I have read some old threads that say HDHomeRun has issues due to multicasting and dynamic routing. However, it is not clear to me that the consumer grade HDHomeRuns use multicast.

    I have read that the latest version of Untangle supports dynamic routing (though I haven't set it up yet), though not clear if that includes multicast.

    I have read that it is not recommended to use untangle as a switch, but don't quite understand why and would like to as by not doing so, I would need to buy another switch earlier than I want to.

    My HD Homerun sits on a switch that is bypassed/bridged over untangle to my main switch that has the clients I want to use.

    The HDHomeRun app clients fails to find the HD Home Run even though if I type its ip address from those PC's, it connects me to the HDHomeRun's webserver.

    Topography below

    - WAN: Cable Modem
    - Alpha"Internal": Bridged, 8 port unmanaged gigabit poe swtich
    - Beta "Internal2": Bridged, 4 port unmanaged 100mbit swtich
    - Gama: unused
    - Delta "Basement": Isolated, netgear wifi router
    Alpha and Beta are bypassed to each other.
    Delta is filtered out.

    Alfa has multiple ubiquiti access points, my desktop and some other devices
    Beta has my HDHomeRun box among other devices (basically, any device that maxes out at 100mbits, goes on the 100mbit switch).

    Untangle is the router, DHCP server, etc.

    Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 1.50.49 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 1.51.56 AM.png
    Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 1.52.18 AM.png


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    From my research on this a few months ago, the HDHomeRun drivers use a broadcast message (not multicast) to find tuners on the subnet. This allows Joe Public to not have to set a fixed IP address for the tuner...the driver will find the tuner even if the address changes. I had my tuner on a different subnet than the clients and it didn't work because a broadcast only works on the local subnet. The solution there was to put the HDHomeRun tuner on the same subnet as the clients trying to use it. I don't know enough to know if a broadcast message will be passed through Untangle from Beta to Alpha. I suspect that could be the issue, but I could be wrong.

    The HDHomeRun client apps use the driver, if the broadcast isn't passed from Beta to Alpha that's why they fail. When you use the browser, you bypass the drivers and enter the IP address directly, and it works.

    There are apps that have native HDHomeRun support instead of using the drivers, Emby being the one I use. With Emby, I enter the IP address of the tuner into the Emby settings, and it addresses the tuner directly instead of using a broadcast (similar to when you use the browser). It requires a static IP address (I use DHCP reservations) but that allows me to put the TV Tuner on my isolated IoT subnet, yet still allow clients on my private subnet to access the tuner with a simple firewall rule.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks. It does seem to be strangely client dependent. Plex seems to have no problem finding the HD Home Run and that is the most important. The windows 10 client and the amazon tv client seem to fail. For some reason I don't think Roku has a client.

    It must be something that some of the clients use to find the hdhomerun (I thought it was called universal plug and play multicast, but maybe there are two meanings to "multicast") that is not passing through Untangle but does pass through a typical unmanaged switch. It seems that bridging and simple bypass rules are not enough to forward on this information. I am wondering if there is a setting that will make this work or if I will have to invest in a new switch.

    I've read that Silicondust intentionally makes it difficult to get access to the HDHomeRun over a WAN (low ttl's maybe?). Not sure why, maybe trying to avoid a fight with the broadcasters. The difficulty in making this work maybe related.

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