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    Default Different allowed subnets per ovpn user?


    On the migration from pfSense to Untangle... Question - on pfSense I had two openvpn servers running, one with subnet a, b, c and d for my personal access. And another running on a different port instead of 1194, with access to subnet e. (Remote users need access to a personal web server I was hosting for them.)

    Is there a way to do this through Untangle?

    Either two vpn servers? Or just a simple option of allow user A to subnet a/b/c/d and allow user B only to subnet e?


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    Untangle's OpenVPN implementation limits VPN clients to a single address pool. Access control can be achieved with the firewall module, the name you assign each VPN client will match against the firewalls "username" flag.

    You only have 1 export, and 1 service so ALL VPN users will have all networks in their local routing tables after connecting. But again the firewall can prevent any and all access based on username matching.
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