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    Default ip helper-address for PXE using Microsoft Configuration Manager

    FYI: if you use Ubiquity Unifi devices, make sure to add the the WDS server address to the DHCP guarding list.
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    Yes, edit your internal interface (or whatever interface has DHCP on it), select the DHCP Configuration tab, and use the DHCP options section to add what you need.

    The description field is what it says on the tin, configuration wise the value field is all that matters. 66,"" Option 67 would be another option, and configured identically, 67,"whatever you need". The fields can be UP addresses, or URLs.

    If you need more detail try this link: Search for dhcp-option

    That's what you're adding with each new configuration line, a new dhcp-option=<whatever is in the value field>

    CAREFUL, a misconfiguration will disable Untangle's DNS AND DHCP services! Fixing it is removing or correcting the errant line and clicking save.
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