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    Default Bind two internet providers (fiber and internet) into one large pipe

    Is it possible and how hard would it be to take connections from two ISPs (ATT fiber and spectrum Cable) and bind those two connections? In other words have my network think it is one large pipe. If itís possible what would I see for speed if they were both independent 1gb down connections (1gb fiber and 35mb cable for uploads).


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    What you're talking about isn't possible. You have two connections, each will operate with the specifications it has. There is no such thing as a "combined pipe" that magically gets you the aggregate bandwidth.

    You can think of it as two roads to the same place, they'll never merge into a huge freeway, they remain two separate roads, free to use and flowing.

    There are bandwidth aggregators out there, but they don't work the way people think they do. Nothing you do is going to give you 2gbit of bandwidth after combining two 1gbit connections. However after combining you can have two different things downloading at 1gbit at a time.
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    Ask sky-knight says, any given connection will use one WAN or the other, so any "download test" using one connection or only testing between 2 IPs will just see 1Gbit. You will in aggregate, have 2Gbit, but not for any one connection.
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    One session would still have a potential maximum download rate of 1Gbps, and would likely never even see anything close to that.

    There are several reasons for this:

    • The device will have at best 1Gbps link to the Untangle server itself within your local network. Even if you have 802.11ac or ax wifi devices with 4x4 MIMO rated for above 1Gbps, your access device is typically still gonna talk to Untangle over a single 1Gpbs wire. Faster lines are still pretty rare outside of professional-grade equipment.
    • You need to build your Untangle device very carefully if you want it to be able to process more than about 600Mbps. It's not just CPU or RAM, but also Disk I/O and PCI throughput to consider. This is true for many other products, too.
    • Very few web sites are capable of serving content for individual users at anything even close to 100Mbps, let alone gigabit.
    • Even if you get past all of the above, the session for your speed test or download is still limited to using just one of your two connections.

    But it's not all bad news. If you do build your Untangle server very carefully, and your network tends to have traffic spread across many different sessions (for example, coming from many different devices), then the WAN Balancer app in Untangle can make it so your network will, in aggregate, appear to use your two connections almost as if they were a single connection.
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