Untangle Noob here - advanced apologies for the basic question.

My setup:
* Unifi router (USG3) + Untangle box + Unifi switches/APs
* Untangle box currently in bridged mode (I know, I know) with WLAN guest VLAN enabled as per wiki instructions. Nothing exotic in the configuration and it is fully functional. May replace USG3 by the Untangle box altogether if the evaluation works out.

* In the dashboard, in the "top hostnames" (Bandwidth Control) widgets, I see a number of IP addresses that do not show in either the Hosts or Devices list. These seem to all be IP Cams, which are all configured as LAN-only, but for some reason (possibly multicast/broadcast), their traffic shows up on the uplink switch port to the Untangle box (verified by switch port mirroring and ntopng).

* Is it normal than devices/host sending on the "Internal" port (but not addressed to the bridge/router) show up in some widgets, but not in Hosts or Devices?
* Is this a consequence of the "bridged" mode, or would it be also the case in router mode?