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    To make things more clear
    I have defined on the router:

    Native VLAN: 192.168.1.xx/24
    VLAN 122: 192.168.122.xx/24
    VLAN 123: 192.168.123.xx/24
    VLAN 124: 192.168.124.xx/24
    VLAN 125: 192.168.125.xx/24
    VLAN 126: 192.168.126.xx/24

    The router sits on and off course it's there where the VLANs start and terminate.
    Directly after the router sits Untangle on and I have defined VLANs interface with addresses 192.168.xx.2 (xx = VLAN number)
    Behind the router is my core switch with those same VLANs defined.

    Like I said earlier without Untangle everything works just fine, it's only after adding Untangle when the problems start.
    The bypass rule that get my webserver going again is the destination to rule.
    So it would seem my router does forward the request to, through Untangle, but it never gets there.
    The big question is off course, why?
    Would adding a static route make any difference?

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    If you needed the route, you wouldn't be able to ping the web server.

    Given the bypass rule, it's almost as if that particular bridge is plugged in backwards...
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