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    Default Best Practices On Having Portable Devices Connect to Different Untangle Networks


    Untangle Home User here..all is well on my installation but my parents are debating installing untangle at their home to keep their network under control when they are watching the grand children. I believe this may present an issue..let me explain:

    On my kids devices, they have the untangle profile installed (these are iOS devices) and have the appropriate certs installed. Content filtering works as expected.

    Now, assuming that my parents purchase their own untangle instance and have their own profile/keys/certs - I don't believe multiple profiles/keys/certs can be installed on an iOS device. Assuming that's correct, won't that present an issue for SSL filtering on these devices when they are connect to their network?

    TLDR; are there known issues having iOS devices connect to different networks where untangle is doing filtering that requires a profile/key/certificate to be installed on the local device.


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    As long as the two Untangles have different hostnames, multiple root certificates can be installed on the devices. The other option option is to use a backup of your home Untangle and restore it on your parents Untangle so boot have the same root certificate.
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