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    Question How do I setup IPv6 in Untangle?

    Sorry, when it comes to IPv6, I am a noob. I am with Comcast at home and in my region I know they assign a IPv6 by default - I have tested this with plugging in another router (Eero in my case) which gets a IPv6 address, and so does some of the desktop at home get a IPv6 address.

    However with Untangle, this isn't working. Currently for the External interface, in IPv6 Configuration, the setting is Auto (SLAAC/RA) but that isn't pulling a IPv6 address. When I change it to Static, I don't know what to put in there.

    Clearly I am doing something wrong, and would appreciate any guidance. Happy to share screenshots if that works.

    I also am running a DNS server (On Synology) and primarily interested in pointing the IPv6 DNS to that.


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    Short answer: Untangle doesn't *generally* support IPv6, unless it's being used in pass-through (bridge) mode. From what I can tell, there isn't any support for DHCPv6 on the external interface (which is what Comcast uses). For more info, you can see what steps I tried here:

    Hope that helps!
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