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    Default **Resolved** fresh install virtualbox - workstation no internet

    In looking to subscribe to my thread I saw that I had one other post that I made 5 years ago on this forum, looked at what that was about and funny enough it was the same exact issue :-)

    The solution was to put all the network cards for untangle into promiscuous mode in the virtualbox interface (settings->network->advanced->promiscuous mode= "allow all"
    installed untangle into virtual machine with 2 network cards:
    NIC1 - bridged to physical network card on machine
    NIC2 - attached to internal network named "untangle"

    setup untangle as bridge with NIC1 as external, and NIC2 as internal

    Windows VM - 1 network card attached to internal network named "untangle"

    Windows VM gets an IP from DHCP (physical router) in my network - so untangle is letting that through to the client.

    Windows VM cannot ping router, or, no internet.

    Untangle box cannot ping Windows VM's ip address, but does have internet (tests work, and browsing web works)

    This seems like a pretty simple test, I've done no other configuration at all here, and for some reason it is failing. I'm newer to untangle, so am I missing something? I just wanted to test to see what it could do, but this simple thing isn't working. I've done this type of setup many times before to test firewall/utm products, so I'm confused why this wouldn't be working. Help please.
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