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    Default Untangle at main site with VPN to satellite locations using OpenWRT ???

    I am IT for a government agency. We have a government license running on a beefy untangle Dell server at our main city hall office. I have wrt1900AC v2 running untangle at our satellite locations connected back to the main box using openvpn. With untangle dropping support for the linksys routers and the fact that is has always been buggy on the linksys, I would like to install OpenWRT on these routers and create an OpenVPN. The main reason for this is to use the paid license at the main location to benefit all the satellite locations such as the web filter etc... (if not, i would have to buy a separate license at every location which is expensive and ridiculous). I have setup a test router and got the openvpn connected. (the main untangle box is satellite locations go up to, so i made a test router at my house as what i cant seem to figure out is how to get it to talk to the other vpn clients network, such as a device on the network for example. Does anyone know how to set it up to be able to have every device through all talk to each other and not just the main openvpn server of I hope I am wording this correctly and not making it more confusing. Thanks so much!

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    Default Sd-wan

    I don't know what the pricing model will be like, but Untangle has not entirely dropped support for the WRT-1900ACS

    There is a new product in beta test, check it out.

    oh., and the answer to your question is routing, but the magic words are 'export network' on the server
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