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    Default Can't reach Google when using SSL Inspector and server side TLSv1.2

    I'm a home user using running SSL Inspector in the policies for my kids. When I have server side TLS v1.2 enabled Google and Bing are unreachable.
    Annotation 2019-09-20 181317.jpg
    Other sites such as work fine. If I uncheck TLS v1.2 all works well. I was curious if anyone else has seen this or if I have something misconfigured.


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    I just ran into this issue in a school environment. All was fine until a few days ago and then all of the sudden students couldn't get to I worked with tech support and after trying some different rules without success, I ended up not inspecting until the school day was done.

    After seeing this post, I tried disabling v.1.2 and now inspecting seems to be fine. I tried doing a random search and checked the search event report and it was here. That accomplishes the objective, just wondering why deselecting v1.2 makes a difference and why did it break in the first place. I have 2 other clients using SSL Inspector with v1.2 enabled and they're not having the same issue. Any insight would be appreciated!

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