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    Default Deciding to choose VPN to access Netflix

    Hi friends.
    Actually, I am a huge fan of movies and tv shows. The problem is that Netflix is restricted in my region. However, I was using Private internet access VPN to surf the internet safely. But sadly, two years back, Netflix ban many VPNs, and PIA is one of them.

    So I have decided to choose NordVPN, but I have found mixed reviews of NordVPN on different websites; I have read that becasue of a lot of features, NordVPN is pretty slow.

    Is it true?
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    Commercial VPN's seem to get blocked every time the lawyers at whatever media company (ABC/Amazon/Netflix . .) hold a meeting. I found NordVPN to be clunky and many of their IP blocked to different media offerings. StrongVPN has been reliable for me, but you have to test which server of theirs is not blocked for the area of the US you want to watch. Good luck.

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    You may want to re-think your VPN choice.

    Really, VPNs in general do not provide the protection many people think they do. There is some advantage on public wifi, but otherwise all they really do is shift which parties get to spy on your traffic.
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