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Thread: port failure

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    Post port failure

    is there a way to create a backup port, in case LAN 1 went OFF can i create LAN 2 as a backup or WAN 1 went OFF can i create another WAN port as a backup?

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    It's unlikely only a NIC would fail on a box. The more common is for the entire box to go down. In those cases, use VRRP to have two or more boxes in parallel with one or more acting as hot spares. This also covers the case if the NIC fails. Details are in this Untangle article.
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    Yeah, the hardware I sell still has hardware bypass built into some of the NIC pairs, so you can in the event of a system failure have the device fail into state where the two NIC ports are basically an Ethernet barrel connector allowing the devices around Untangle to communicate directly.

    And I helped people for ages come up with overly complex fail over models to allow that to work, and every ounce of that work is useless, because VRRP is simply better. There's no point in RAID in Untangle, or any other fault tolerance. If you want a redundant router, you get a second router!

    VRRP, I wish it didn't burn so many darned IP addresses but it's so darned fast at switching, it's hard to complain!

    Now, if you're trying to have a personal procedure in place for when a port faults, that's simple... just remap it. Move the cable to a working port, and remap that port into the correct virtual interface assignment. POOF, system online and you didn't even reboot. But you will need a means to communicate with Untangle, so it rather depends on which NIC goes.
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