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    Question Two internal interfaces or two VLANs bridged to one port?

    Hi there,

    Just to start off, I'm a complete amateur/newbie when it comes to networking stuff.*

    I built an untangle box to replace the ONT from my ISP, by following a guide on dslreports. The ONT served me internet on VLAN 35 and IPTV on VLAN 36. I've set both up on Untangle, as well as IGMP for the IPTV. (I know untangle doesn't natively support IGMP)

    The NIC I'm using is a Dell N20KJ Broadcom 57810S with two SFP+ ports.

    I have a third port (regular ethernet) onboard the motherboard. It's just an intel mobo.

    One SFP+ port on the N20KJ is connected to the GPON coming in from my ISP. The other port is using a DAC cable to a Mikrotik switch (LAN IP

    Because the Mikrotik switch doesn't do IGMP snooping very well, and because one of the receivers from my ISP runs on wifi instead of a wired connection, I'd like to attach the ONT provided by my ISP back into the mix, albeit on different LAN IP (

    For the ONT to work, I need both WAN and IPTV traffic going to it, but I'm not sure how to accomplish this.

    Please see attached image of interfaces (sorry about the bad quality) and network diagram. Untitled Diagram.png2019-12-03 08.41.16.png

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    Hi, Syraza -
    welcome to Untangle and to the forums!

    first question is who is the ISP?

    and my first reaction is two VLAN's on the one NGFW interface. Which, now that I look, it seems that is what you have got! Disabling the physical interface is the magic incantation.

    Then, my experience with digital cable - even though the STB's want the ISP's wi-fi, I have been able to do that from inside my NGFW network. YMMV, of course. But I would look into getting the ONT into bridge mode (if even possible) and abandon that radio.

    Then put your AP separate on the third NIC, and run VLANs to that.

    Just off-the cuff ideas.

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