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    Default WAN IP changes after adding a new VPN connection in Tunnel VPN

    I've switched to FIOS (Untangle directly connected to the ONT) from a cable modem connection and noticed that since the change, whenever I add a new VPN connection in VPN Tunnel app, the WAN interface IP changes. I see multiple leases in the dhcp leases file. This did not occur with my cable modem provider. It looks like the new lease is requested when the interface is restated even though the previous lease did not expire. Is this normal behavior? Is it possible to set it such that the DHCP would stick with the existing lease?

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    The DHCP IP change is from the ISP modem. On OpenVPN client add, network is restarted and the ISP modem issues a new IP on DHCP renew. This is ISP dependent. I would use Dynamic DNS Service Configuration in /admin/ or request a static IP.
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