Good evening!

I'm having an issue with PXE booting to a Windows WDS server from any vlan other than the same vlan WDS,DHCP/DNS is on.

In the above diagram, CLIENT B has no trouble receiving a DHCP address while booted in the OS but won't pick up an IP while PXE booting, CLIENT A(On the same vlan as WDS,DHCP/DNS) does not have this issue and will PXE boot as normal.

I currently have a "dhcp-relay=," entry in "Network > Advanced > DNS/DHCP" and I've tried quite a few dnsmasq settings(dhcp-option 66/67) to no avail.

When using Wireshark, I can see the DHCP server is seeing the DHCP Discovery and replying with a DHCP Offer, but the DHCP Offer isn't making it to the client and fails to obtain an IP address and fails on PXE boot.

Could anybody point me in the right direction ?