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    Default Cannot access gateway in bridge mode

    Hello all, strange issue here. I have a pfSense gateway in front of Untangle. So Modem --> pfSense --> Untangle --> Network. I know the main suggestion is to replace pf with ut but right now that is not an option. Untangle is in bridge mode, I have several VLAN's (and a LAGG interface that I had to get rid of because I don't think ut supports LAGG) that work fine. Untangle is filtering and handling traffic well. My issue is that I cannot reach my gateway VIA IP or reverse proxy. I have my gateway on as an example, 5.1, 10.1, 15.1 etc, and a reverse proxy of gateway.local. I can reach my gateway on 1 ip but not the rest, and I cannot access my reverse proxy. I will note that I have about 20 other reverse proxies set up the same that work, and the rest of the network is great, just this weird issue. I disabled all filtering with no luck. Its a "bridge" (I know its not really bridging but heh), so theoretically it should be transparent correct?


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    correct. UT doesn't have LAG capability.
    And, you are on the right track, bridged router (brouter).

    I assume all of those networks are /24.
    This is a routing issue. I think I would just add the routes, since there are many.
    Another option might be using the alias on the Interface.

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