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    Default Logs not showing blocked connections

    I have been having issues with my Virgin Media cable box where apps on the box work such as YouTube but it could not connect to the Virgin Media services for On Demand or to pull down the extended EPG. I had doubled checked the reports on my Utangle box to see if it was blocking anything but neither the web filter, firewall or application control were showing anything being blocked from the relevant IP's.

    However when I created a rule in the bypass section of the network config to bypass both my boxes it all started working so clearly Untangle was blocking something. So my questions is was I not looking in the right place to see if sessions where being blocked or is there a better way of troubleshooting this I should have been doing or is it possible the logs I was looking at where just not showing the issue for some reason??

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    of course, the easy answer is to simply bypass the boxes. I might recommend that to most people.

    I don't automatically do that. And with apps and browsers on the boxes, things have changed a bit.

    There is a reason that sessions blocked is not logged. Because it would be easy to think too much is being blocked.
    If you get used to NGFW doing it's job, then there is information available as trends in what is blocked.

    logging the blocks isn't necessarily going to show what is going on either.

    1. What version are you running?
    2. What hardware is it on?
    3. What apps are installed?

    Advanced settings require careful configuration. Misconfiguration can compromise the proper operation and security of your server.



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