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    Default Randomly goes down, tryinig to find logs


    Been running for years.

    Setup is Modem -> Untangle -> Switch -> Access Point

    All clients are DHCP via Untangle. All network devices are static.

    Every few months, all hosts drop off the network. The cable modem is still online, the access point is still online, and the switch still online.

    Resetting the network devices one at a time has no effect, except Untangle. Once Untangle is reset, the entire network comes right back up.

    I have not connected a monitor to see if there is console output.

    Problem is that this has occurred twice in the last 15 minutes. So what has been a minor inconvenience at random times has now become frequent.

    I have started looking at logs, but there are so many logs, in different variations, that I don't know what I am looking for. Syslog I assume.

    I ssh'd into the device thinking maybe there were filesystem errors, or the SSD was full -- no issues there as far as I can tell. So curious where else I can begin troubleshooting.


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    Break up the problem.

    When it's "down", leave it so...

    Can the WAN IP be pinged from Outside the network?
    Can the LAN IP be pinged from inside the network?
    Can the physical console be used? Can the physical console ping the ISP gateway? Can the physical console ping a device on the LAN?

    Answer all that and you'll find the problem.
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    check whether DHCP is still working. I've had a couple of cases recently where DHCP (dnsmasq) on the untangle quit for no apparent reason. this will end up making all your clients seem like they're down, but really they just lost their DHCP leases.

    /etc/init.d/dnsmasq status
    /etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

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