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    Default Vlan - multiple parents

    Can a Vlan have multiple parent ports?

    I have an untangle box with 5 ethernet ports and multiple smart switches. My thought was to plug the different switches into different physical ports but ideally the switches would share the same vlans. I could not get this to work. If that concept doesn't work, would I need to create separate vlans for each parent port? If so, could those vlans have the same tag (I am using unifi access points and think there is a limit to the number of wireless vlans I can create on them). Of course, I could just plug one switch into the other, but my OCD doesn't like that.

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    You can, not sure why you'd want to... but you can.

    You need to create a tagged interface for each VLAN on each physical NIC. One of those physical NICs will have a list of children attached that have IP addresses. The rest will be bridged to the addressed ones.

    But you really should just connect the switches to each other, you do not want intra-VLAN traffic going through Untangle, it will give you headaches. Inter-VLAN traffic yes, intra-VLAN not so much.

    Your OCD in this case is making you configure your network incorrectly, or at very least pushing Untangle to do a job it's not designed to do. Not to mention probably mucking with your Unifi controller's ability to control the equipment.
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