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    Default Disable DoH on Firefox for an entire network

    I just discovered this:

    So, out of curiosity I went to config -> network -> DNS, and in the Static DNS Entries list I created a record named:, with an address of

    Sadly, Firefox is still trying to DoH, but I'm not sure exactly when Firefox make the configuration change.

    Found this:

    Using Firefox 78.0.2 (64-bit)

    I'm going to keep an eye on this, because presumably the canary rule being deployed in Untangle should help us control this behavior of we wish.

    Also, Threat Prevention is still stopping this behavior from my browsers as expected.
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    Another piece to this puzzle that has gotten me ever so slightly more comfortable with this situation is: If the browser finds that the client is configured with a DoH server that the browser is aware of, it will be happy to use it.

    I predict that Untanlge will never make that list (as a server). But OpenDNS is supporting DoH. This article was recently updated:

    I have also observed that DoH endpoints require a FQDN. This brings them a little more visibility.
    And the paradox that to negotiate DoH, plain DNS may be needed.
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