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    Default Help Setting up a macOS Server with URL behind Untangle Firewall

    Hey I got a macOS server that needs to be internet facing, be using external URL, and I am at a loss trying to set it up to work. I am pretty sure I got the macOS Server setup right but I cannot get the server using the URL.

    Been trying to get this working for a couple of days now. Then again I am new to Untangle.

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    It doesn't help us much to tell us what operating system your server is running.
    It is more important to know what services, and even more relevant, what ports it serves from.

    Untangle reserves port 443 on the WAN interface by default.

    You will need to get creative on how you want to do your port forward.
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    Public DNS name resolves to public address on Untangle

    Untangle forwards appropriate service port and protocol to the server internally.

    Access is granted. But yes, as above has indicated there's nowhere near enough data.

    I will however point out that if you're trying to use a web service, that's going to operate on TCP 80 and 443, and both of those ports will be filtered out before it even gets to Untangle if you're on a residential class Internet connection.

    So if you aren't on a business class connection, give up... it won't ever work. You might be able to VPN in and work over that though.
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