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    Default Periodic drop of WAN connection on static IP, how to best troubleshoot

    Hi everyone,

    I would need some help please, mainly understanding how to best troubleshoot this issue.. My setup uses a VPN which sends some devices through the VPN and others directly to WAN. I'm running Untangle on a Mini PC with 2 NICs and it's been running for nearly a year now, no problems at all.

    I am on a static IP with my ISP on 250MBit/S but nearly every day, I have to restart my router with Untangle, as the Internet signal breaks down (for both the VPN devices and the direct devices).

    It all worked well for so long. My ISP did troubleshooting and confirmed their end of the line is stable, so I suspect Untangle to be the culprit. Not sure how to best troubleshoot this, so was hoping for your help.

    To better illustrate the problem

    - all works fine
    - suddenly internet goes down on all devices
    - checking devices that are on the WAN (i.e. bypassing the VPN), they are down too
    - VPN devices are down
    - the FibreOptic ONT unit that connects to my router is indicating normal operation.

    This issue happens nearly every day, however at different times so it's hard to pinpoint.

    Possible causes (not sure, just speculation)

    - maybe a device is causing suspicious outbound traffic that triggers the connection to go down
    - maybe the VPN goes down and somehow this impacts non-VPN traffic, too, although normally they are separate
    - maybe some other recurring event triggers the connection to go down

    Devices in household:

    - NAS with UNRAID
    - Few Google Home and Alexa Devices
    - Google Nest AC control
    - Some Bose speakers with internet connection
    - Netgear Orbi WIFI Mesh
    - couple of laptops, phones, tablets
    - wireless HP printer
    - Netgear WIFI cameras

    How can I troubleshoot this problem the best possible way?
    Thanks folks!

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    Do you get any notifications from Untangle when this happens? (via email, that is if you have this option enabled)
    I would start with modem. When this happens check the internet connection (disconnect Untangle and connect directly to the modem, with laptop via LAN, to see if there is actually an internet connection. Don't rely on whats indicating on the modem). If there is no problem then could be your hardware where you run Untangle or software itself, but what you are experiencing is unknown to me.
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    Step 1...


    Step 2, start troubleshooting.
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