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    Question Can't modify DHCP range on Internal card and some clients not showing in DHCP leases

    I have a UT setup as basic router/firewall. The lease range is to We needed to increase range, so, I went into the config and edited the internal card to: range start - range end - Click on "Done" and then "Save". Everything saved ok with no erors, but, range didn't actually change. When I checked the config again, it was still at the original setting. Tried to change various times, but, still same results. Am I missing something here? Also, noticed that there are some clients on the network which have addresses (via DHCP) but are not showing up on the DHCP listing. Not sure if these 2 things are related, but, any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    A wild guess is to clear the cache of the browser.
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