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    Quote Originally Posted by strek22ts View Post
    mmm quick question: i think the hang-on-boot thing just happened to one of my customer's box.
    they are running v15.0.0
    The bug is not in 15.0.0 so your issue was not the grub bug. Most likely the database is corrupt due to the unexpected power outage.

    Quote Originally Posted by strek22ts View Post
    now, if i upgrade this box (not reinstalling) to 15.1.1 or 16, will this fix the problem ?
    15.1.1 fixes the grub issue but that was not your original issue.
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    You'll know if you have the grub issue because the machine will boot to a grub prompt and stop.

    If you're getting past that into the flying gibberish that is Untangle boot, or perhaps just the Untangle splash screen... that's not the but that v15.1.1 fixed. That's something else...

    And yes, a dirty down can easily kill any database server, Untangle included. Reinstall the platform, and restore it from backup.
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    okie dokie, no worries then, i will just upgrade the box and all should be good.
    if it will happen again i ll try to figure out, if not, well, will post here

    thx !

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