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    Default Slow Internet speed

    I just changed my internet speed from ETTH 25 Mb (Microwave) to FTTH 300 Mb (Fiber) the only difference was that untangle used to do the dial-up for the connection and it all worked out great.

    after i installed the fiber, my provider gave me a Fiber modem router which cannot be bridged so i had to use their modem for the dial up.
    When i connect my laptop directly to their modem i get the full 300 Mb speed, but when i connect it through untangle as the DHCP server i only get 17 Mb.

    please note the below settings of untangle


    i have also disabled webfilter, application control and bandwidth control.

    i dont know what im doing wrong

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    Did you check qos?
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    I am a noob for sure and need some help. I am having an issue with my speeds as well. I am only getting 400Mbs download speed and 70 Mbs upload speed out of my firewall. I have Gigabit internet and it is fiber. I do not have QoS enabled. If I perform a reboot on my machine it goes up to about 500 Mbs download and 930 Mbs upload. Any ideas would be great. My specs for the device I am running untangle on is as follows:

    CPU Type: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X3440 @ 2.53GHz
    Architecture: amd64
    Memory: 8.36 GB
    Disk: 88.12 GB

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