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    Default Vigor130(UK) VDSL MPoA Bridge Setup


    Would like to offer up my configuration for integrating a Vigor130 VDSL Modem into untangle on a UK OpenReach VDSL line.
    Hopefully this might help others, as I've sunk a fair bit of time trying to figure it out. Also, if anyone can see any mistakes things I could improve that would be great to document that here also.

    This configuration will use MPoA (instead of PPPoE), and will put the VLAN tagging in Untangle so that you can access the Modem for diagnostics.

    (FYI, on each screen after making a change you have to click OK to save, but you don't have to reboot even though you only get options to reboot with changes or reboot with default, just go back to the menu on the left to continue. Even still there are a few reboots, so might be worth while to detach the DSL line to save your DLM from putting your line into safemode...)

    Disable the service tagging, and enable the customer tagging for VDSL2 but leave the tag and priority values at 0.

    Enable MPoA - I didn't change anything else here. On this change though, the reboot option is different and I suspect you really do have to reboot immediately.

    In this screen I change the IP address - I'm not convinced this was necessary, but it was in one of the DrayTek KB articles. I used their IP address suggestion. 130 is probably for Vigor130 ;-)
    That KB also said to disable the DHCP Server. Well I did not get the DHCP to server to work anyway, so I too disable it here.

    That's all the configuration for the Vigor. I should also mention that i'm running the 2019 firmware. There is an alternative firmware, I have not used that.

    On the Untangle side,
    This is the physical interface to the Vigor130 Modem. I've statically assigned an address that is networkable within the address range given to the vigor in the previous step.

    I've not set this as either a WAN interface - why - if I do, then it shows up in my WAN balancer and WAN failover, which is confusing. but doing this does make accessing the Modem from within the internal network possible.

    I've not set NAT - why - if I do then the steps i've taken to access the Modem from within the internal network fail.

    Create a new VLAN interface, parent the physical connection to the Vigor Modem and set the 802.1q tag to 101 (or as per your ISP, most of them in the UK are 101 AFAIK) Set WAN, and pick PPPoE.
    Put the username and password again as per your ISP instructions

    Finally, create a NAT rule. It seems untangle doesn't want to allow me to access the Modem without this rule, though I don't really understand yet what this is achieving. I've also used up all my attachment quota so no picture this time.

    Destination address is
    nat type: auto.

    With this setup I can access the Modem settings page etc, and the internet using MPoA.
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    Nat Rule as described above

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