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    Question OpenWRT VLAN and Untangle VLAN/WAN Failover help


    I've been trying to get this to work with no luck for quite some time and I'm hoping someone can help me.
    I have OpenWRT on the 2nd floor that connects to a wireless network and provides internet to LAN ports. I'm hoping to bring that link to Untangle using same ethernet cable and use it as a failover WAN. I would like to be able to ping/browse from 2nd floor resource on 1st floor and vise versa.
    Netgear VLAN is setup and ID is 10 and 20. I understand I need to use Netgear port #1 as "tagged" port and same on OpenWRT switch section. On Untangle VLAN is connected and is getting IP from VLAN10 ( and I can it ping it from subnet, but I cannot access OpenWRT GUI nor I can ping and vise versa.
    Any suggestions?

    Here's my network overview:




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    A network diagram is always helpful, the model of the router using OpenWRT (VLAN in some routers is a thing of nightmares) and which interface is using

    Most WRT routers uses VLAN1 for LAN and VLAN2 for WAN. Leave that as is, at least until you get things working.

    From your UT screenshot (eth2.20) I assume you want Floor 1 and 2 as a single segment.

    1 - Remove ETH2 VLANs in UT
    2 - Just to keep things simple, replace VLAN10 in NETGEAR with VLAN2.
    3 - I am assuming OpenWRT wireless client is bridged to WAN and have its own address.
    4 - Use WRT WAN port to connect to a NETGEAR#1.
    5 - Use NETGEAR#2 to connect to ETH2 in UT and use a valid address for the wan side of OpenWRT. At this point you should have your second wan working.
    6 - In OpenWRT add VLAN1 to WAN port as tagged
    7 - Make NETGEAR#2 member of VLAN1, tagged.

    At this point Floor 1 and Floor 2 are in the same segment and Internet is handled by Untangle, DHCP should be disabled on OpenWRT.

    If this is not the scenario you are looking for, at least use it as an starting point.

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    Thanks for taking time to reply!

    On the second floor OpenWRT is running on Netgear R7800 (Nighthawk X4S AC2600) which is well supported. is OpenWRT LAN address there.

    Left VLAN1 and VLAN, but deleted VLAN10 and VLAN20 in OpenWRT.

    Yes, my goal is for all devices plugged into LAN ports on OpenWRT to use same segment UT in which is

    1 - Done
    2 - Done
    3 - Not sure what you mean with this?
    4 - Done
    5 - Once I selected " Is WAN interface" and hit save looks like OpenWRT request IP from UT and got
    6 - Done
    7 - Not sure if I'm doing it right as you suggested?

    Once I changed from static IP on OpenWRT to DHCP client I lost connection to the GUI. I was connecting to GUI via wireless network on OpenWRT and when I saved changes I no longer can access GUI
    At this point I have to reset it and restore settings backup.

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