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    Question Port forwarding stopped working after the upgrade

    I have recently upgraded NG Firewall from 16.2.2 to 16.3.2.
    Also my external public IP has changed. Domain record was updated, resolution works fine.
    However, all port forwarding stopped working.
    Rules are in the attachment.

    All local tests with telnet are working fine, but external access via telnet even to a public IP (instead of a domain) is failing.
    I have tried to switch off Firewall and Intrustion Prevention apps, still the same.
    Port Forwarded Sessions in the Reports are not giving me any entries.

    Where else can I look to troubleshoot this nasty issue please?

    I check all that is here (to no luck):

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    Can you access the destination IP from the LAN?

    Do you have Threat Prevention installed? Try with it off.
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    Okay, so I have switched the cables between the PPPOE connections and public IP interface now goes directly to Untangle and second nonpublic interface goes to Microtik.
    This did the trick and port forwarding works again.
    Phew, I grew old trying to solve this mystery ...

    Thanks for a contribution jcoffin, you gave me a hint.
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