I would like to tag some traffic (hurray..), however I'm finding the process super frustrating (boooo...) as there are literally millions of possible combinations of tables, values etc. and nothing I try works apart from modding the 4 stock examples provided in the UI.

For example, I want to tag based on BandwidthControl priority, so after waving a sacrificial chicken over the box a few times I have to 'Guess' what class to use, which holds no resemblance to any variable/value in the Bandwidth control app

Class : ProrioritizeEvent

Correct or Not ?

Then, the condition to choose...

Type : priority

Looks OK, but then what value to set ? The value has to be an integer, but under BandwidthControl they are all names like 'Low, Medium, High etc..'

So I tried 'some' integers, but given the infinity of possibilities, everything I have tried, bar priority >= 0 has failed.

I then tried:

Type: rullid

and dutifully entered the ID (?) of the rule I want to match against in the BandwidthControl app ef. 100013, but also no joy there. I can see the rule being executed in the log, but sadly no tag...

Is there any documentation on this somewhere that I'm missing ?

After that, there the tagging action to perform,..., more mysteries....

so lets stick with

Action Type: Tag Host

Then there is the Target, of which there are 30+, but the only target used in any of the examples I can find is

Tartget : sessionEvent.localAddr

What are all the other choices for exactly, because if I change this to anything other than the above, no tags get set...

But I digress..., back the original question:

How can I tag based on the BandWidthControl priority being set to 'Very High'