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    Default Untangle device resolution when UT is a border device to an existing internal network

    I don't think, please correct me if i'm wrong, that the following documentation includes this setup:

    but it seems like sensible and simple setup to have untangle full fill only NAT/Gateway roles on a dedicated network connecting it to a switch/router which then handles the internal network, and somewhere on those internal networks are their own DHCP/DNS servers.

    this is the setup I have, and my internal network is 10G with multiple VLANs. My core switches take external requests to UT, and that seems to work.

    From the UT side, I see all the traffic and the individual IP's over the VLANs. But one thing that bugs me is that UT doesn't resolve (reverse) these IP's to their hostnames.

    I'm sure i've read something somewhere about configuring DNS settings in UT, but A) I never got that to work and B) can't find it anywhere now.

    so is there any documentation that I've not found myself?
    and has anyone got UT to resolve to hostname for internal networks?


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    The documentation is there, but you have to be a bit creative to notice it.

    The setting you're looking for is under config -> networking -> DNS Server, and specifically it's the Domain DNS Servers space.

    Details are on the wiki page for that tab:

    Check the bottom paragraph. You need a DNS server that's handling a reverse lookup zone, and you need to use the above feature to aim Untangle at it. While you're at it, you'll probably also want to aim the forward lookup domains at a DNS server that handles those too, so Untangle's reports can use forward and reverse lookups to cover all its internal needs and get the friendly names for all your stuff.

    Because it's always DNS...
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    Belated thank you,


    Surprisingly quick and easy. I now get hostnames in the dashboard too. very happy

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