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    Default Port forwarding issue, breaks when alias IP is used as source

    So I'm trying to get a multi-server environment set up, where I need to pass data from multiple public IPs (assigned as aliases to the External interface) to specific servers. I'm trying (unsuccessfully) to 1:1 NAT following the wiki. Untangle (16.4.1) is dropping all unsolicited traffic to the forward destination as long as I use any modifier deeper than "External Interface". The host is still able to access the internet and pass traffic like a normal machine, though.


    Not sure what I'm doing wrong here, although this is my first time trying to route traffic from more than one public IP to a single host. I fell back to just a single IP to try to narrow down the fault and it still happens. I've even got a bypass rule set just to be certain nothing in the rack is messing with it.
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    Source address is wrong... that's the problem.

    Three flags to a fully formed port forward rule remains, as always...

    1.) Destination Address or Destined Local
    2.) Protocol
    3.) Destination Port

    Any less than this invites over-match, and more invites under-match, both conditions require understanding before deploying.

    Source Address matches the client's IP address on connect, destination address matches the client's destination on connection, that is the IP on Untangle.
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