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    Default ISP changed. Nothing is working right now

    Hi guys
    Im going to ask for your help as i dont have any clue about what is happening with my untangle.

    I've changed my ISP. Simple as that. So my WAN interface is now automatic but it doesnt get an IP.
    Any other device i have, is working perfectly, but untangle, so there is no issues with the new ISP's router
    At first i thought it was the dhcp client, but setting the interface as static wont work either.
    Im running untangle as a VM. Dont see anything strange in ESXi.

    Removed vmware NIC and added again. Does not work either.
    I have no idea what to try but to reinstall untangle from scratch.
    Strange enough, it did get an IP two times, then stopped working.

    Any ideas where should i continue troubleshooting?


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    Be sure to click 'Renew DHCP Lease' from the 'edit interface' tab, which should assign an IP address from your ISP.

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    One of the main reasons why i refuse to have my Main firewall in a VM. Last time I had this issue I rebooted Esxi & the vm. You could also unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in.

    IMO firewalls should be edge devices KISS method.

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