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    Question UT Blocking without WEB Filter in rack

    Ok I looked all over the forums for a solution on this but with no luck. If there is a thread on this please provide a link.
    I have 2 UT boxes one blocks pages out of the blue for no reason. I donít even have the WEB filter in the rack but customers complain that things like or just randomly get blocked by untangle with the plash page this site is block for content. But then sometimes you go back to the site in a few minutes and it will let you pass. This is an intermittent problem. The other box doses not do this and they are both on the same network in front of separate WAN connections. This started doing this. I have had these boxes setup like this for about 1 year now. Any suggestions on where to start please. Thanks

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    I would have the take a screenshot of the block page.

    I suspect you might find it is:
    1) not an untangle block page
    2) is an untangle block page and supplies a reason for being blocked
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