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    Default Multiple Default Routes

    Im relatively new to the Untangle camp but have a query regarding the advanced routing capabilities. I understand that the current release does not support dual WAN / Failover but I have a different scenario which I thought could accomplish the same thing in my network. I have an Untangle box connected to a standard DSL Modem in Bridge Mode on the Ext Interface. On the Internal Interface I have

    However I also have another router at which is connected to another DSL connection. Query is, can Untangle be configured to have 2x default routes - one with a higher administrative distance / cost that points to the router at In theory therefore when the Untangle box cannot reach the default route to the External Interface, it will use the 2nd default route to Router #2.

    To go one further on that - does the routing in Untangle support administrative distances / costs on routes at all?

    To clarify too - the router at is actually on a different subnet at a remote office that has a 3rd NIC configured to have a presence on the network.

    Would much appreciate any thoughts on this setup.

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    I don't really see why NOT ... the " problem " maybe that you have to make those changes at the OS level and Untangle may rewrite that later... try it and let us know.
    Juan Machado

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