Just reporting that Untangle does not like it, QoS, SIP Helpers, etc. Played with it for days with no luck. For some reason it kept getting dropped/unregistered with AT&T's VDNA service. Which is basically Hosted VoIP, and the phones only fail when routed through the Untangle router. In short, it would work for a while then drop. Again I checked the QoS, SIP helpers, bypass, proper ports 5060, etc. (confirmed ports with AT&T) and no luck. It's no big deal at the moment, with the exception that I also have a Cisco ATA-186 that will not keep a static IP I give it, so it does not work right now because its behind the UT box still. But thats not important, the main Polycom desk phones are. Which I did find a workaround that completely says FU Untangle, lol.

Failed Setup:

Working Setup: