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Thread: DNS Issue?

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    Default DNS Issue?

    I have a client with a DC with the below setup. For some reason they cannot open their own website which is hosted offsite, I know this always points to a DNS issue but I seem to have run into a dead end on what it could be. The only change was made when this happened is the firewall was updated from 15 to 15.1

    Server 2016 domain (contructioncompany.local)
    Website is

    DC handles both DNS and DHCP
    Primary DNS:
    Second DNS: DNS of ISP provider

    Checked DNS settings and nothing indicates for either forward or reverse zones. both are set to constructioncompany.local which is set to the servers static ip.

    NSLOOKUP resolves correctly.
    All workstations access internet,server without issue except the website.

    Firewall is set to a static ip provided by the ISP with primary and secondary DNS settings to the ISP's DNS

    OPENVPN is setup and when I connect from my office workstation and open a browser on my end I also cannot access their website but as soon as I disconnect the VPN the website loads on my end fine.

    Again, everything worked fine before updating the firewall from 15 to 15.1

    I am sure its something stupid on my end but any help would be appreciated.


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    If it resolves and doesn't connect, it's not DNS. You have a module that's blocking access, and you need to read the logs to figure out which one and why.
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    First thing I did was look through the logs which I didn't see anything related, I then turned off all the modules, flushed the DNS, cleared the cache, rebooted both firewall and server with the same results. Not sure if something just got screwed up during the update but I might just reinstall untangle.

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