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    Default Internet speed issues

    Anyone else experience something similar? Since one of the recent updates of untangle, my internet speed has been cut significantly. When I reboot the untangle system, speeds are restored back to normal. For awhile. Then it goes back to having issues. Normally I will get 415 Mbps after a reboot. But several hours later will cap out at 150 Mbps.

    I am running untangle in a VM on ESXI. The VM has plenty of memory and cpu resources. I have also reinstalled untangle from the latest VM OVA on the website. Same issue.
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    I am having a similar problem. The way I set it up (also in bridge mode) is:

    {Internet} > Untangle > Network

    Both Ethernet cards are also on-board, but I know they are both working.

    I have noticed that the router stops responding after a while (typically over weekends) and I normally just restart the router for everything to start working. After a few weeks of struggling I replaced the router (which was quite old), but I'm still getting the same problems.

    Your post has now directed my attention to the Untangle gateway, so I will spend some time troubleshooting and update my findings.

    Nox Vidmate VLC
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