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    ... for high load:

    Event: SystemStatEvent
    Event Time: 2020-08-20 09:27:57.016.
    Event Summary:
    The current system state is: [ Load (1-minute): 776.94, Load (5-minute): 378.48, Load (15-minute): 142.42, Memory Free: 12090MB, Disk Free: 807280MB, Swap Used: 580MB ]
    A few graphs of the event:

    high load.png

    It sure would be nice to have some better tools to find out what caused that kind of thing. It's rare (a little less than every six weeks or so), but annoying when it happens. I don't see anything unusually in terms of disk or memory use, and those session and traffic counts aren't all that high for our site, either. It's too brief to find anything in the moment, and too debilitating to get meaningful reports if it lasts longer.
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    Talking Some kind of response as an ACK.

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    Well, I feel small now.

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