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    Default Access Points

    Guys need help with tuning my untangle, setup is as follows:

    Untangle address and is my Gateway and DHCP server.

    All devices on the network are assigned a static IP address based on their MAC address.
    Captive portal is enabled and specific IP addresses can pass through without the login page.

    1-What is the best way to configure multiple access points with the same SSID.

    2-I've been having a strange problem occurring,
    my mobile phone is already assigned a static IP address and based on this already can pass through Captive portal because of the static IP pass-though.
    When i added a new access-point and tried to connect my phone through it, i get redirected to the captive portal page and i get a New device discovered with a different Mac address. Why is this happening? keeping in mind i have added the APs MAC address to the static DHCP and the AP already has a pass in captive portal.

    when i go to the other room where the old access-point is available the connection goes through without any problems.

    Thanks for your help

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    For #1, it depends on what kind of access point. But generally, if it's a consumer device, you make sure DHCP is disabled and connect the uplink to a LAN port instead of a WAN port. Then the wifi and uplink are bridged, and if you use the same SSID and security settings on each access point devices will be able to freely roam between them. If it's a business-grade access point, there's likely a management console of some kind you need to setup, and that tool will worry about making sure the access points are configured properly.

    For #2, you probably have a NAT situation in play. Again, make sure the DHCP service is disabled, and that you connect the AP to the network via a LAN port. Or, it could be device MAC randomization (There's another recent thread about that on these forums). In this case, once you have the SSIDs setup properly so roaming works, this behavior should stop. However, there are some android devices out there with poor implementations of this "feature". Look to see if you can turn it off.
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    Thanks jcoehoorn, everything worked out great
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