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    Default Home User // Firewal crashed during upgrade


    During the latest upgrade something went wrong. I am not sure exactly what but seems the system tried to reboot and problems started - froze with black screen and no connection through the system.
    I had to restart it again just to see some life.

    It seems that the Untangle is running - at least all access to servers / network seems to be OK.

    On the screen connected to Untangle I get the welcome screen with "Launch Client", Reboot" ... "Terminal".
    If I click "Launch Client" (or from remote -" I get the following:
    Untangle - 1.JPG

    Capture - 2.JPG

    Before I take the big decision to reinstall - are there any options to solve my problem? I have tried the "Recovery Utilities" but this just keeps replying "Connecting to Untangle".

    If I have to reinstall - is there any way to pull out all the settings?

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    Hi. I recommend you contact support (Help button down below, here).

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