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    Question License Changes, I Never Know Where I Stand

    Hi Guys, looking for some help, the licenses change that much one moment to the next i have different plans//prices available apps. confusing to say the least;

    I have a NG Firewall HomePro License that will expire next year.
    i noticed my apps took a hit over this last year, when i go to the available apps to install, i only see virus blocker light, fortunately i still have the original virus scanner app installed prior license change.

    so am i licensed for this version or not? I see no warnings? is it operating as full or just saying that and really its no different to the lite version? itís the same with application control app, again now only lite is available but i had previously installed.

    Threat Prevention i would like to use, but once I install I get "license not found" so i assume that will not work? what license is it available on?

    also I recently installed the "wire guard vpn" and was very impressed, only to be let down five minutes later when I saw "14 day trial" did I not already pay a subscription:/ --

    so what license do i need to get the full version of virus blocker and application control as well as wireguard and threat prevention?

    is there a home package that will do this or do i need to buy the complete suit? Thankyou

    **admin delete, sorry found the answer to my own question seem sthe licenses have changed again so now my homepro will need to be replaced with homepro protect plus or something. no doubt having a year left on my current sub the only option to upgrade will be a brand new one. dissapointing
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