A friend of mine who shares a household with house mates is looking for a router that tracks internet data usage per device due to a metered connection (thanks, Comcast). She doesn't need any of the threat detection and prevention measures at this point in time, just the ability to track usage per device over a certain period of time.

Does the free version of Untangle provide this feature (and the ability to create reports like this, e.g. by IP address), or does one need the Bandwidth Control app, which apparently requires a paid subscription?

If the latter: Is it a problem, if the device limit of 50 for the Home Basic subscription is exceeded or can this be avoided by logging bypassed sessions and thus getting an accurate data consumption figure for bypassed device? On my subscription a bypassed device (bypassed for other reasons) does appear in the Bandwidth Control report "Top Hostnames" and "Top Clients", but I'm not sure, if this would also happen, if the device limit is exceeded.

Thanks so much in advance for any advice on this,