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    I have all traffic going through a VPN tunnel. As things stand today, I have to exclude my Apple TVís and route normally. I would rather just route all my Hulu and other streaming traffic based on the traffic type rather than excluding devices from the VPN tunnel. It would be a lot easier from and administration and end user perspective. No matter what device Hulu is running from, that particular traffic is routed normally. Desktop,tablet, mobile device...... Is it possible, and if so, is there a step by step guide on how to get it done.

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    It's not possible on NGFW. That requires predictive routing since the session is not classify until some sessions already have passed the firewall. SD-WAN does have predictive routing and it is possible. It's a bit of apple to oranges comparison since SD-WAN does not do web filtering or other features of the NGFW.
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