I am a very happy Untangle customer going on 4 years. I do very part-time management of a large network for our church which consists of a school and medium-sized campus with about 100 continuously active users, 100 or so IP devices (thermostats, coppiers, etc.), and on Sunday as many as 300-500 additional guest devices.

Right now I'm running a DIY build that works great and costs me $321 per month for 500 users on the non-profit complete, but the PC I built is aging and I want to pro-actively replace it. It's on an i5 intel machine that is maybe 6-7 years old now.

Looking at the z6 hardware, it is very comparable to the PC I built and if I purchase it as "HAAS" with the unlimited non-profit complete, the price would be a little more than $255 per month.

That seems like a reasonable deal to me right? Am I not taking something into account?