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    I have a 1GB Down, 700 Up

    DSLReports : 785/388.6 Mbps
    SpeedTest CLI on Linux : 908.51/675.57 Mbps

    I've configured QoS with those settings : 965000 kbps Down and 700000 kbps UP

    Now I'm curious what performance I can get with another Router OS on the same hardware
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    Running Untangle 16.2.2 on a U150 appliance.
    I have a Gigabit connection through Cox Cable in Las Vegas, NV Provisioned for 940 Down and 35 up.
    QOS is currently set to 940 and 34. I need to adjust it down a little, I think it is supposed to be 90 to 95% of provisioned speed.
    In the past if I do a DSL Reports speed test when my local network is quiet I have had 878 down and 33 up, Streams 30/30.
    Speed test run just now while my two children and wife are active online shows 695 megabits/s down and 33.2 megabits/s up, Streams are 16/16.
    Buffer bloat does not show a grade, just a grey circle with a dash in the middle of it. Have had an A on Bufferbloat in the past. Not sure why it does not show a grade of any kind now. Has been the grey circle for quite a while.
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    Update from Untangle Support (below)... fingers crossed something comes soon

    The behavior is still under investigation, and I was told that we're looking into adding a piece of software that should assist with this issue.
    Unfortunately this likely won't be implemented any time soon as there's a good bit of testing that needs to be done before we can release something like that in an update.

    That being said, I'll definitely keep this ticket on hold so that I can keep you updated as news comes up.
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