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    Default New hosts are getting tagged automatically

    I've got a huge problem with my untangle tagging devices when they are getting new ip's from dhcp and also new devices on the network getting my mgmt-light tags.
    Any way to see why they are getting these tags? all tags I've set are manual, and despite me untagging them new devices on a previous IP will still get a tag....

    Anyone know how to fix? or Purge everything?

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    I have the same issue. I will tag a device from the Devices section and they will automatically tag the corresponding host with the tags. However, I have found that randomly, some hosts will get tags meant for other devices. And in one case, I had a tagged named block with a matching filter entry that blocked all connections from hosts tagged block. What happened was I had a device that was matching that filter (Tested by disabling the filter to correct the issue) yet I did not have any devices tagged with block.

    It almost seems like the entries are being populated in the DB against the IPs, maybe, and not properly being cleared when a host changes addresses. I have not looked that deeply into it and I will try to get more info but this is a problem as I rely on tags quite a bit to automate some tasks that would otherwise have me constantly adding and removing hosts by IP from filters.

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    I have also observed such behavior in which devices overtook the user name of others. This is essentially worse if devices/users are steered based on user names (policies, allow/block rules in applications etc.).

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