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    Default Avoid License Count and Bypass filtering for specific servers

    So at home I run a cisco 9800 series controller with about half a dozen APs, these devices only use NTP but they seem to use up host counts, I'm not concerned about the management being filtered, how do I avoid these being counted as actual devices?

    Also, my plex server, I allow people to access remotely, I don't really need its outbound connections filtered, whats the rule I would set?

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    To bypass Plex, you just include it in Config>Network>Bypass Rules.

    You can put the APs' management IPs in a VLAN that's isolated and has no internet access. The only other thing they see on that VLAN is the 9800 for the control plane traffic. Check also if the 9800 can work as an NTP server on behalf of the APs. I'm getting rusty on my Cisco-foo but my old-legacy 2600XM that's running my home IP phones works as an NTP server.
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    That article will help you setup some bypass rules.

    For plex you'll probably want to create two bypass rules.

    Rule 1:
    Source Address = Plex server IP

    Rule 2:
    Destination Address = Plex Server IP

    Using those two will bypass all traffic going in and out of the device.
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    This thread is another good reason for untangle to provide a time server. People have been doing for as long as I remember. It costs nothing, uses very few resources, and is easy to setup and maintain. It would be a nice addition for home and small business installs.


    Cisco, pfsense and probably many others can do it. Why not Untangle? The code is in the suggestion.


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