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    I am troubleshooting an issue related to the Devices list in Untangle. When a device comes on the network it obtains a DHCP address from our DHCP server (running ISC DHCP on a separate Linux server). The hostname is something like "dhcp-155". For some hosts, I add a static DHCP reservation and DNS entries for the corresponding address, so I grab the MAC address and add the DHCP reservation and DNS entries. An example hostname would be "stl" and both forward and reverse, in-addr, entries are added for the host and its new IP.

    I can't figure out how to get the Devices list to reflect the current reality of the hostname on the network. I have attempted the following:

    1. Remove/empty the Hostname and Last Hostname entries - the old hostname reappears in a few seconds.
    2. Delete the entire entry from the Devices list - the device reappears in a few seconds with the wrong hostname.
    3. Export the Devices list, remove the entire entry JSON, import the Devices list.

    I've searched on the forums and see several posts about the Hosts and Devices list. While I understand that the Devices list shows the devices seen on the network since the beginning of time, it seems like when a device is deleted from the list it should not reappear with old information.

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    There is a bug open for this and targeted to be fixed in 16.4.
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    We used to be able to look at jira to see that, when will it return?

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    When they learn how to use OpenID to TOTP the thing and keep out the bots... shortly after that perhaps they'll apply the same tech to their actual products they claim "secure" networks.

    In all seriousness I see this stuff ALL THE TIME. It's actually more normal to be the way Untangle is. I just expect more from Untangle than I do most companies. And I'd much rather have Untangle pull JIRA offline than leave it online and exposed if it's being exploited... which it sounds like it was.

    *sigh* Untangle needs me running their IT, or someone like me. Their infrastructure needs some serious attention. But in the corporate world you may as well be saying water is wet!
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