I am trying to learn what I can about how/when/why changes to the Devices table propagate to the Hosts.

I started by asking in this thread about about a specific issue I was having with usernames. But I'm asking more generally now, with an interest in tags as well.

Similar to what I had observed with usernames, after adding a tag to a device on the Device tab, the corresponding Host entry has the tag applied relatively promptly, but when I remove a tag from a device, that tag does not seem to get removed from the corresponding host entry.

I am aware that tags can be directly added/removed from the Host tab, but if the tag wasn't removed from the Device, it gets re-added to the Host entry pretty quickly.

Also, in searching the forums for any previous questions that might have information on this topic, I came across this post. I don't know if the behavior described there is normal, and there was no follow-up on the thread by the OP, but I took a look at my Hosts Events report, and I am also seeing an 'addTag' event every minute for quite a few of my Hosts. My gut would say that is that this is some recurrent process within untangle to propagate tags to Hosts in a timely fashion, but
a) this is not occurring for all Hosts, only some subset,
b) that subset is not "Devices that have had a tag added recently": the same tag(s) are being put on the same hosts over and over again, and for each event entry, oldValue is blank/null, and value is the tag.

So, I realize there are no direct question in any of those observations; I'm just wondering if anyone can shed any light on any part of those behaviors. Like, why don't username/tag removals from the Device tab get reflected on the Host tab as promptly as username adds/changes and tag adds do? Why doesn't there seem to be a 'removeTag' event? Why are addTag events being generated when no tags are being added? Why are only a subset of tags being applied over and over again?

Thanks for any help in understanding!